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Oklahoma Writers'
Federation, Inc.

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We Need Your Help

OWFI has many committees that depend on members like you!  Somewhere on this list, there's sure to be a committee that would benefit from your expertise.  Please read the descriptions below and select one or more that interests you.  If you're interested in leading a committee, mark "Chairperson."  If interested in serving on a committee, mark "Committee Volunteer."  Please be sure to fill in your name and telephone number so that you can be contacted.

This survey helps OWFI organize volunteers for next year's conference.  We want to encourage you to become involved.  It's a lot of fun and a great way to network.

Please e-mail Allison at or (405) 348-8352 if you have any questions.

OWFI Committees



Committee Description

Conference Registration:  Assist in registering conference attendees at the hotel.
Organizing Information Packets:  Assist in putting meal tickets, nametags, conferece schedules, etc., in packets to be handed out at registration.  This is done on Thursday evening before the conference at the hotel.
Book Room:  Arrange for an area bookstore to handle book sales at the conference.  Coordinate efforts between authors and the bookstore.  Contact hotel to let them know how the book room will need to be set up.
Free Information Room:  Contact magazines and book publishers and request sample magazines and guidelines.  Can also include information about upcoming classes and conferences.  Contact hotel to let them know how the information room will need to be set up.  Organize the material and arrange it in the free information room at the conference.
Editor/Agent Appointments:  Arrange conference editor/agent appointments.  Volunteers sigh people in and make sure appointments do not go over their allotted time limit.  President arranges for appointment site.
Autograph Party:  Authors attending the conference contact the autograph party committee, which then organizes the sighing party.  President arranges for party site.
Famous Authors Banquet:  Request information from OWFI members who have published books in the previous year.  Organize this information and recognize authors during the Famous Author's Banquet.
Door Prizes:  Collect items to be given away as door prizes.  Coordinate with president to determine how many door prize drawings there will be and when they will be held during the conference.  Organize the door prize drawings.
Book Giveaway:  Request a signed book or two from well-known authors to be given away during the conference.  Organize the drawing.
  Category Chair:  Category chairs receive contest manuscripts, organize them, and send them to the category judge.  Category chairs DO NOT judge these manuscripts.  Judge returns the manuscripts to the category chair, who reorganizes them according to the rules handed down by the vice president in charge of the contest.
Shepherd:  Shepherds are assigned a speaker to "help" during the conference.  Duties may include taking your speaker to lunch, making copies, seeing that your speaker makes it to his presentation, etc.  Chairperson organizes the shepherds and makes speaker/shepherd assignments.
Buzz Sessions:  Organizes buzz sessions usually held after the Friday night banquet.  Posts a list of buzz sessions and their location for members to review.
Sponsors:  Contact organizations and individuals to request sponsors for the OWFI contest.
  Publicity:  Send articles/notices about OWFI and the yearly conference to newspapers, etc.

OWFI Officer, Staff, and Appointed Positions

(OWFI officers must be OWFI delegates.  If you are interested in becoming a delegate, contact your local club president.)


Position Description

President (Officer):  The president presides at all federation and board meetings.  The president plans and organizes the yearly conference and makes arrangements for speakers.
Second Vice-President (Officer):  The second vice-president performs the duties of the president in the absence of the president and vice-president.  Assists the first vice-president in organizing the yearly contest.  Upon completion of the first vice-president's term, the second vice-president assumes the position of first vice-president.
Secretary (Officer):  Records the minutes of all meetings of the federation.  Mails notices of OWFI meetings.
Treasurer (Officer):  Receives, disburses, and accounts for all funds of the federation.
Publicity Director (Officer):  Promotes membership, attendance, and interest in the federation by publicizing its activities.
Historian (Staff):  Collects pertinent information about OWFI (newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, etc.), organizes it, and turns it over to the Oklahoma Historical Society.
Newsletter Editor (Staff):  Publishes and distributes the OWFI newsletter.
OWFI Webmaster (Appointed):  Help maintain the OWFI website.
Nominations Committee (Appointed):  Recruits delegates to fill the OWFI officer and staff positions.

Are you a member-at-large (MAL)?    Yes    No
Are you an OWFI club member?         Yes    No
If you are a non-club member or MAL, would you like information about an OWFI club near you?     Yes    No

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EDITOR'S NOTE:  Indicating that you are interested in a position does not mean you have to run for that office or serve on that committee.  This form merely helps us locate potential officers, staff, and committee members.  Remember, any organization is only as strong and vital as its member participation.

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